It seems everyone has a blog these days, far too many people have far too much to say.

It appears… I’m one of them.

I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘bloggy’ type of person. I can barely string a sentence together on a good day.

But being creative person, I think I need another output for all the ‘stuff’ in my head. I already take photos (by the thousands) which you will soon experience and I’m unapologetic about it too. I sing and paint and draw and have recently developed a great addiction to tattoos. I love animals, cars and cooking, music and movies. I just realized that my interests make it sound as though I lead an extremely interesting life. Ironically… I totally don’t, but hopefully this is my start to a new and more exciting life (Insert mumbo jumbo about life being too short etc).

So here’s to my new blogging journey, hopefully it’s one that will leave behind many footprints.